A different view 31-Jan-2023

In Lenswork's "Here's a Thought Podcast" HT1426, Brooks Jensen  talks about testing out different colour processing on projects, just to see how the different view affects the image.  He has seven different colour preset styles that he  tries to see how the images speak to him.  These colour preset schemes  include natural, pastel, hyper & psychedelic colours or Natural, tone or hybrid black and white views. 

I don't have that many styles I use, rather, I just have a couple out-of-the-box Lightroom Black and White presets that I've used in the past.  

I skimmed through a some of the images in my library, and thought I'd try it out. I figured a way in Lightroom to pick a preset and just scroll through a series of pictures with a given preset. Quite an interesting experiment, pulling the colour out of these shots made a huge difference. 

Maybe I'll have to try out some more of the presets just to see what else my pictures do for me. 

Click on an image for a larger version and scroll through, using your arrows on the keyboard. . 


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