Over the past few weeks, I rebuilt this trailer, this is the third time I've put new wood on it. 

This trailer has a storied history.     Sometime around 1990,  my dad and I attended a small auction in the Ottawa Valley.   An old trailer axel wasn't getting any bids, so dad ended up getting it - the idea was we could build something with it. 

Next time my father-in-law came up, he saw it in the garage, took it home and welded a frame onto it.   He brought it up, and we put the wood on it.   

It's seen many a load.  Several trips into Algonquin park carrying 2-4 canoes and a load of gear.  Trips to the dump. Trips from the home improvement centre.  It's been a great tool. 

Now that I have a truck, it does not get much use. 

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