Created by an unknown, local artist.

I was fortunate enough to capture his portrait in the bottom right corner. 

The other day my neighbour pointed out some wasps entering the roof of our shed.   There was was a fair bit of traffic, seeing them come and go every 5-10 seconds.  It appears that they were entering under the shingles. 

We didn't really want these guests around especially when. the grandchildren were in the vicinity, so that evening, I sprayed the entry point, and attempted to spray into the roof, to no avail. It was raining, so I'm certain that didn't help. 

The next day there was no real difference in traffic. 

So I pulled the kayak and ladder out of the shed so I could check out the eaves.  Using my remote camera, I checked each section, and seeing nothing unusual, I was a little perplexed. Then I checked a bit closer, and noticed that the back of the facia in one section had a significantly different texture to it.  I pulled out a flashlight, and a step ladder and realized I was looking at the back of the nest.

Getting this photo was tricky.  I needed to hold the camera  upside down against the roof, use a wireless flash to light the area, and add small flashlight to light the subject sufficiently for the autofocus.    

That night, armed with a new can of foam spray, I covered the entrance, returned to the back and coated the area inside the eaves with spray. Then, using a pipe I broke through the back of the nest while spraying into the new holes. In the morning there was no activity around the nest.

The nest in the eaves

WIth the facia removed

After clearing the eaves. 

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