A couple of years ago, I graduated to having my own office at work. Real walls! When I think about pictures on office walls, I'm always reminded of my dad. He was an accountant, working up to the role of Finance Director for Sarnia Hydro. His office walls had several paintings & prints, which were a huge surprise to mom when he retired. If you search hobby based forums of any type (including photography), you'll find tips how to buy gear without your spouse finding out. Dad would buy art and put them up in his office walls so mom wouldn't find out.

I now have seven images up on my walls, most are my photographs, a few are not, This series of shots of Sauble Falls at Sauble Falls Provicial Park are my latest contribution. I like the different perspectives of the same subject, different times & different compositions.

My office is the only place outside of our home, where I've ever posted my own prints (other than a short gig at a former church). It's kinda nice to have the memories around me. And.... I'm reminded of my parents, with my own gallery of images on my own wall (one of which is a photograph dad took).

Sauble Falls
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