Behold 28-Mar-2017 - davekennedy

Most recently, much of my photography has centered around family. It is wonderful to capture images of my family  that we will cherish in years to come. Playing around with a mini-portrait studio in the basement has been fun!

However..... in other ways, I've been frustrated photographically. My email sig is a quote I found in my dad's files "Don't find the photograph. Let the photograph find you."  I don't feel that I've been letting photographs find me.  remember  absorbing the scene before me,  seeing the nuances of light, the composition, the beauty of God's creation.   Examining the veins of brilliant red leaves, patterns of frost, or the trail of water as it rolls over stones, is for me, a spiritual experience, bringing me closer to God.  Lately, it feels like it's been snap and go.

So.... I started  reading a book called "Eyes of the Heart"  Photography as a Christian Contemplative Practice by Christine Vaulter Paintner.

“Behold” means to hold something in your gaze. To behold is not to stare or glance; it is not a quick scan or an expectant look. Beholding has a slow and spacious quality to it”

Thus far, it's an interesting exercise in seeing things. 

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