It's a brutally cold January morning. Cathy is up at 4am to be to work by 5:30.    

I know when it is really cold, it is often a clear sky, so I pulled myself out of bed, to check out the sunrise.  

Grabbed the camera and tripod and when for a short trip out of town.  It was a lovely morning (cold though).  Glad the truck has heated seats and steering. 

Went for a little drive after this shot. When I got home, I realized that I'm now missing one of my leather gloves. Drove the whole route two times, trying to find my glove, to no avail.  Cathy keeps threatening to sew a long string on them so I don't keep losing them, maybe it is not such a bad idea. 

Regardless, it sure beats laying in bed wondering what to do today. 

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