Christmas Eve - 24-Dec-2022

It's Christmas Eve, and we are having a White Christmas.  Most of Ontario is blanketed in "The Storm of a Decade".  Since yesterday morning the temperature has plummeted from +4 to -20, freezing the previous night's rain, bringing snow and strong winds.  All county roads in the area are closed. Power is out in several municipalities.    Road crews are focussed on rescuing stranded motorists, not opening roads.  Several airlines have cancelled all flights into SW Ontario, and reports of trains being stranded for 16 hours - people sleeping on the floor, no food, washrooms non-functional.  

Needless to say, as storm like this before Christmas is a major event.  

Our family Christmas was supposed to be today, but as no-one can get here, it's been postponed.  We are thankful for a warm home, and glad that we picked up Iris yesterday to celebrate Christmas Day with us.  

We are blessed, and we pray for those who are are stranded, or without power. 

A couple of shots around the house.  

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