I've started a reading a new book, Eyes of the Heart: Photography as a Christian Contemplative Practice, by Elizabeth Paintner.

It'll take a while to get through this, the author recommends a series of exercises following each chapter.

In chapter one of the book, the following paragraph caught my eye:

“Behold” means to hold something in your gaze. To behold is not to stare or glance; it is not a quick scan or an expectant look. Beholding has a slow and spacious quality to it”

One of the first exercises is to go to a public place and observe (or behold). So I sat down and looked..... and graduated to beholding..... This is is the scene before me.


The first thing that caught my eye, was the vase. The quality of light pouring over it, shadows as my eyes moved across the vase. Down to the gentleman reading his magazine. I could feel the cold leather of the chair, to the photographs. The "Teen Reads" sign hiding behind the wall... Up to the 'industrial ceiling.

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