Camping at the Pinery this week,  Cathy & I put the kayaks in the Ausable River Channel and went for a paddle.  It took us about two and a half hours to paddle from the launch to the bridge at the 'turn-around'. We had a case of 'let's just check out the next bend then we'll turn around. 

It was a nice quiet day on the water, we found the further we got from the launch point, the more we saw.   This Cormorant posed long enough for me the paddle past him and get a backlit shot, it cleaned up the background nicely.  

After we continued on, she flew ahead of us, landing in the Lilly pads ahead us, and kept pace with us as we paddled further up the river. 

I was tempted to darken the foreground to make it a 100% silhouette, but I think like to leave a little bit of detail there. 

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