It's a rainy February morning in Waterloo Ontario. A week ago, the temperature was in the -10C range, snow everywhere, just beautiful. Many people here complain about snow, but to be honest, I'd much prefer a brisk cold winter day or a snowfall to a rainy February morning. Today, the temp is predicted to go up to +13C, the snow is gone and it's raining.

I'm currently on a Results Centered Leadership course through work. I arrived early for a today's training course, and as I reviewed my notes in the Jeep outside the hotel, I saw this ahead of me.

Distorted View


I've never been one to use a cell phone camera, but that's all I had with me and I have to admit that didn't turn out half bad. Later that day, I installed adobe lightroom cc on my phone, and can easily make some quick changes to contrast, and tada! here it is! Maybe these cell phone cameras do have their value after all... (not as much fun though).

Distorted View 2

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