On today's morning stroll, I picked up the Pentax Q10 just to give it some exercise. It hasn't seen any action for a long time, but it is small, and can easily be cradled in a hand.  

While playing, I  realized I had set one of the macro settings  to a high-contrast Black & White.  

I have to say, it did change my view on things a bit.

The dew from the vehicles made some interesting patterns in this brick driveway. 

(this image was actually captured before I tried the B&W setting, so it was post-processed to be similar)

I never would have noticed this had I not tried the High-Contrast B&W setting on this little mirrorless camera. 

Of course, now this got me looking at patterns in driveways. 

One could say that even the weed growing through our driveway has some interest. 

The light reflecting off the vase in the middle of window caught my eye,  but a closeup wasn't going to work... So I zoomed out and caught a self-portrait reflection. 

Not the greatest art.  But interesting. 

I didn't realize until I got home, that this camera setting only gave a Jpg output, not Raw+. 

That means these images are SOOC (straight out of camera).   

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