Howdy Ho Neighbour! 

You might remember this little quote from a popular sitcom. 

This little scene reminds me of the chats that Tim "the tool man" Taylor had with his neighbour "Wilson". 

Given the current COVID19 situation, this may be the best way to be having the chats with our neighbours. 

Everyone is staying home, due to the COVID19 quarantine.....

How many vehicles can you find?

Find the bear. 

To entertain children on walks through the neighbourhood, some families are placing teddy bears in windows, to play a game of "Find the Bear" 

Today I took the Ultra Wide Angle lens out with me. I've never figured out how to use this lens, so I thought, this might be a time to try it. I need to learn how to use this.

These yellow posts have been recently placed in front of the bridge to stop motorized or horse-drawn traffic.

Heading home..

These ultra-wides are *Really* wide. 

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