Abandoning the Goal - 29-Mar-2023

The game is over.  Time to pack up and go.   We'll be back tomorrow, why bother with the net?   

But then again, sometimes plans change.   The weather turns warm, more homework, just busy.  Then a quick 30sec job gets a whole lot more complicated. 

And then, it gets to the point, where it's just not something we want to do anymore. 

It's so easy to let that simple job slide, time goes on and it gets harder and harder to motivate oneself  to do it - until bringing back what we once had seems to be an insurmountable task. 

"Taking a break" or letting a simple task slip can be extremely difficult to restart or correct later.  It is much easier to keep your eyes on the main goal and keep it alive. 

It is too easy to abandon the goal until it is totally lost.  

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